What we changed

We changed our name from “PadPiper” to “Faros,” and we have a new logo, colors, typeface, and illustration and photography styles, which are all viewable at www.gofaros.com.

We added lots of new articles and content to our Help Center to answer questions about accounts, hosting, renting, and more.

What hasn’t changed

Our customers’ accounts and how the website works will be the same; our core functionality is the same.

Faros host welcoming tenant illustration

Why the change?

We’re not a small apartment rental site for tech interns anymore. We serve thousands of renters from more than 40 countries, and our hosts come from all sorts of backgrounds with a range of listings from an extra bedroom to hundreds of properties. And let’s be real: our hosts’ properties are far beyond a “pad.”

We have always focused on understanding our customers’ needs. Over the past three years, we noticed a common theme — the people using our website were not looking for a quick transaction. Renting is a big task for everyone involved, and everyone wants a helping hand and assurance that everything will be okay. They want a real human to guide them through the processes, so we needed our brand to feel strong and grounded, yet comforting and supportive.

The name

After brainstorming hundreds of new company names, we landed on Faros, a Greek word meaning “lighthouse” — a sign that one is approaching a port or harbor. We chose Faros because it represents a solid, guiding force during journeys and times of transition. Faros also contains “far,” because we must travel far, both literally and figuratively, to pursue our goals and live our lives.

Faros different types of doors illustration

Keeping our quirks

Whether it’s hearing back from our customer success team, finding great housemates and the perfect place, or selecting an amazing tenant to live in your space, we found ways of introducing our old Canadian-isms, corny jokes, and fun illustrations.

We’re focused on keeping Faros the safest and easiest place to find and rent apartments and establish new communities both inside and outside of work. We also want to bring some silliness and delightfulness when possible because renting is a big deal, and the wins — big and small — should be celebrated.

If you’re interested in learning about our new brand, stay tuned for an in-depth article about our new design system.